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June 23, 2004

Welcome to the Cosmetic Report newsletter. It's our goal to bring you unbiased information about cosmetic products and trends so you can make educated buying decisions. If you've been searching for straightforward beauty information and advice, you've found it here. The Cosmetic Connection Panel of reviewers are consumers just like you who face the same issues and challenges, and look to the beauty industry to help solve them.

Judith, 56, lives in Washington, DC, where she works part time in the advertising department of a major newspaper, runs an online jewelry business, as well as a major mailing list and web site for art quilters on the web. A natural blonde until she reached her 40's, her dark blonde hair is cropped short and highlighted. She has brown eyes and sensitive/normal to dry fair skin with yellow undertones. Makeup concerns vary from season to season in Washington, as the weather goes from one extreme to the other. Judith prefers a liquid, cream or gel foundation with sheer to medium coverage and never leaves home without foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick. Her main skin care concerns are fine lines and uneven skin tones and she is always in search of a perfect new product!

Renee Rouleau: Old Favorites and New Finds
It doesn't seem possible that it's been three years since I first reviewed Renee Rouleau's skin care products! Since that time I've tried and reviewed a myriad of new products, many of which I liked a lot and some of which I didn't! During that time, when I wasn't testing or when my skin needed a rest, it was back to Renee Rouleau for me!

While I'm still using several of the original products I reviewed in 2001, I'd like to share my old favorites and new finds from Renee Rouleau.

Gentle Gel Cleanser ($27.50) remains my all-time favorite facial cleansing product. A gentle foaming cleanser with an aloe vera base, it also contains cocoa butter. Appropriate for all skins types, I love the fact that it rinses off easily and leaves my skin so soft, without being at all greasy.

In warmer weather, my skin produces a little more oil, and sometimes I want something stronger to cleanse my face. Last summer I tested a new facial cleanser from Renee Rouleau. Purifying Face Wash ($26.50) cleans my face thoroughly, without drying it, as other oily/combo skin products tend to do. This gel cleanser is low sudsing and very gentle and it's my favorite warm-weather facial cleanser.

Blue Azulene Toner ($21.50) is still my favorite toner. Containing Chamomile, Calendula and Azulene, it is great for dry, sensitive skin and also is suggested for those with rosacea. None of Renee's toners contain alcohol, so they are not irritating or drying at all. If you're looking for a hydrating toner that won't upset your skin, this is the ticket!

Vitamin C & E Complex remains at the top of my list of favorite moisturizers. A lightweight lotion, it is applied as a serum underneath your moisturizer. I'm a big fan of Vitamin C, as it acts as a great anti-oxidant for your skin. Vitamin C & E Complex provides your skin with time-released Vitamin C. I've been using this for three years now and think it has had a great effect on my complexion! While pricey at $59.50, you use so little at a time... only a couple of drops... that a bottle lasts a good while.

Calming Bio Lipid Repair Fluid ($40.50) is what I usually use during the day over my Vitamin C & E Complex. This lightweight lotion is deceptively moisturizing and my favorite lotion to use when my skin is irritated or my allergies have kicked in. It's also one of my warm weather favorites. If your skin is dry and you want to try something that doesn't feel heavy or greasy, this is the ticket!

The fifth product from Renee Rouleau that has become part of my permanent arsenal is Hawaiian Nourishing Cream. In cold weather, I need a heavier duty moisturizer on my dry skin and this is my favorite product to use. If you're a fan of Creme de la Mer or other products based upon Marine Algae, Hawaiian Nourishing Creme is a must for you to try! Moisturizing without feeling heavy, I use this regularly in cold weather. A little bit goes a long way, and while expensive, at $72.50, it's a lot less than some of its pricier counterparts.

Now for some new finds that are sure to become old favorites before too long...

Multi Vitamin Cream ($33.50) is a wonderfully light moisturizer that is perfect for warm weather use. Using Vitamin C as an antioxidant, it is completely non-greasy and has a delightful, light Jasmine scent.

I was somewhat skeptical when Renee suggested I try her Glycolic Serum Plus 17% ($39.50 for 1/2 oz. or $69.50 for 1 oz.). My previous glycolic experiences had been dreadful, with my skin peeling and turning red. This product is different. Combined with aloe, it acts as a gentle exfoliant without any irritation at all and is effective in smoothing out skin tone and exfoliating dry skin cells. There are other strengths of the Glycolic Serum available, too from 10% to 20%.

Renee suggested I alternate using the Glycolic Serum Plus 17% with Instant Calm Complex (1/4 oz for $24.50 or 1.12 oz. for $69.50), which contains three different forms of Green Tea and Glycerin for a soothing serum which is used under your regular moisturizer.

Instead of using both of these products for a week at a time, I, instead, use each 1-2 times a week… leaving time for me to try some other goodies from Renee Rouleau's range of products, including Swiss Collagen Complex ($37.50), a serum which improves the elasticity and production of collagen, which naturally decreased as your skin ages. Using plant-based collagen instead of animal collagen, which can irritate the skin, it's small molecular structure, according to Renee, makes it easier for it to be absorbed into the skin. While collagen creams or serums do not create new collagen, they do make the skin more likely to absorb moisture deep within the skin so that the collagen in your own skin stays moisturized. Since collagen is already a part of your skin, collagen products such as these are more readily recognized and absorbed by your skin. Swiss Collagen Complex is applied as a serum underneath your regular moisturizer.

Swiss Collagen Cream ($33.50) contains the same ingredients, as well as vitamins A and C for their anti-oxidant properties, and does the same thing as Swiss Collagen Complex, but in a cream form. I use this a couple of nights a week before bedtime.

For exfoliation, I keep a jar of Refining Grains ($27.50) in the shower and use this product 1-2 times a week. The grains are extremely tiny and very gentle and non-irritating.

Renee also offers Mint Buffing Beads ($28.50), a which do a great job of smoothing my skin. I find them a little stronger than the Refining Grains, but every now and then I need something stronger and this is it.

One of Renee's newer products that I have flipped over is her Firming Nutrient Masque ($31.50). After cleaning my face and exfoliating with one of the two products mentioned above, I apply a thing layer of the Firming Nutrient Masque, which contains natural milk proteins and Shea Butter and is heavier than a lotion and lighter than a cream. After letting it dry for 10-15 minutes, I rinse it off and apply Multi Vitamin Cream. It leaves my skin looking perfectly smooth and feeling just great! Try it! You'll like it!

One of the most important aspects of Renee Rouleau Skin Care is that it is not a one-size-fits-all line of products. Renee offers you a brief questionnaire to help you decide which products are right for you. In addition, Renee and her staff are always available to answer questions and help you set up a skin care program that is tailor made just for you. Renee offers personalized service at it's best!

Keeping that in mind, the products I have told you about are things that have worked for my aging, normal to dry, sensitive skin. What works for me, might not work for you, so delve into Renee's website at reneerouleau.com and you will see what a wonderful range of choices you have for your specific skin type. Like many of you, I use different products at different times of the year and don't use all of these products at once!

We hope you enjoyed this issue of The Cosmetic Report!



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