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November 10, 2003

This week I am pleased to welcome Lisa back to the Product Panel. After a little time off, Lisa shares some of her favorite products with you. Enjoy!

Lisa is 30 years old, and hails from from Columbus, OH. She has very fair skin that tends to be "combination," with unexpected rages of sensitivity. Lisa's heritage is rather mixed - mostly Hungarian, with some Scottish and French mixed in with a dash of Native American. Her very fair skin tans like nobody's business and produces a myriad of freckles, so she always wears plenty of sunscreen. Lisa has golden-green eyes and brown hair. Lisa's main beauty concerns are puffy, sensitive, "circled" eyes, and blackheads on her nose.

And now for Lisa's reviews...

Greetings fellow divas! Wow, it has been a long time since I've had the chance to write. My husband and I recently bought a house, and as many of you know, that brings a whole other dimension of work to one's life. It has been fun though, and now that the pace around here has slowed a bit, I'm looking forward to having some extra time to enjoy my favorite vice. :)

This time, I've chosen to spotlight ten products that I love. Some are old, and some are new, but all are completely fabulous, and are items I keep buying again and again.

Body Essence Exfoliating Gloves
These nubby little gloves are absolutely perfect when you want effective exfoliation without the mess of a sugar or salt scrub, or the awkwardness of a big loofah or sponge. It is just so easy to slip on these gloves and give your bod a quick scrubdown; your skin will be smooth and glowing. These little beauties work with any soap (although I prefer using them with Aveeno liquid shower and bath soap, which is very moisturizing), and they cost under $4 and are available at any drugstore. Expect them to last about 2-3 months with regular use.

Oil of Olay Total Effects Body Lotion
I've tried some really expensive body lotions and potions, but this drugstore goodie is a total find, and is far more effective than the department store versions that cost many times more. This medium-weight lotion smells nice, and goes on without feeling heavy or greasy. I was astounded at how even-toned, firm, and smooth my skin looked, especially on my legs and decolletage. This has become a staple in my cosmetic closet. One wish ­ an unscented formula.

Prescriptives Camouflage Kit
This concealer is the one item I use every single day (every day that I leave my house, at least). I have real issues with under eye circles, and this formula is super creamy and has great pigment for excellent coverage that never looks cakey. The smart little compact contains a pink-toned concealer, a yellow toned concealer, and a neutral powder to "set." The brushes that come with the compact are great, so it makes it especially wonderful for when divas hit the road.

Benefit Smoooch Lip Balm
Admittedly, this is an expensive lip balm ­ and usually, I won't splurge on something so basic. But, I have yet to find a formula that smoothes and softens as well as this one from Benefit. The formula is more like a heavy cream than a wax-based, and provides super moisturizing - all in a flavorless formula, which is a nice change. I use it every night, and it heals even the most chapped lips.

MAC eyeshadow in "Vex"
This eyeshadow, with its chameleon-like greenish/pinkish/peach hue, works for just about anyone. I have really pale skin, with green eyes and coffee-brown hair (yep, the red is gone ­ I've gone to my natural color), and it looks more green on me, while my friend M, with her dark brown hair and darker skintone claims it is closer to peach on her. Whatever your coloring, you'll appreciate MAC's dense pigment and refined, silky formula. Swipe it on with your finger, and your eyes will look brighter. An easy way to look more "finished."

Creme de la Mer
Hey, what list would be complete without this cult cream? But really, the hype is deserved. You all know the story: badly burned scientist develops super-cream from seaweed, lime, and other super secret stuff to heal scars. This formula moisturizes completely, heals blemishes, and when applied correctly (which is VERY sparingly) seems to control sebum on the skin's surface. I like the moisturizing lotion best, and use it as a face and eye cream ­ it even seems to make eyelashes thicker!

Terax Crema Conditioner
At first, I wasn't that impressed with this rich hair conditioning cream; it feels a little heavy, and even smells odd. But, after using it about three times, I noticed a big difference in my hair's shine and body. It even made my pale blond highlighted streaks look smooth and glossy. It doesn't weigh hair down, and is especially calming to frizzy, misbehavin' hair like mine. Not to mention that it only takes about 2-3 minutes for hair to get REALLY conditioned. Bonus for chicks with just too little time, which is all of us, of course.

Seche Vite Nail Polish Topcoat
I've tried just about every topcoat made, always looking for something newer and better. So far, nothing beats this glossy, quick-drying formula. I get about 5 chip-free days from my manicure; considering I peck on a computer keyboard all day, I think that's pretty darn good.

Oil of Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Cleansing Cloths (Sensitive Formula)
Sometimes, the effort required to remove makeup at the end of a long day is downright daunting. These quick cloths make it all so much easier. They remove makeup completely (if you wear a lot, it might take two, or even three if your mascara is waterproof) and don't strip skin, or make it sting. Best of all - no water needed! The sensitive formula is fragrance free and gentle, but still incredibly effective.

Wet 'n Wild 666 Lipliner (Brandywine Frost)
Heh, my friends and I call it "lip pencil of the beast", but don't let stories of Biblical Disaster keep you from picking up a few of these lipliners. They cost about $2, and are a beautiful shade of mauve/brown/pink frost. I like to line and fill in the whole lip, and cover with a clear gloss. The color has real staying power, without drying the heck out of your lips.

So there you have it: ten of my favorite products. And, considering I can easily think of another set of products I rely on, I'm sure you'll be seeing another list soon.

Thanks, Lisa. I hope you enjoyed this issue of The Cosmetic Report!

Until next time,




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