Marissa’s Pick of the Week

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In my quest to keep my tan alive in the fall, I found two products that really do the job. For my face, I’m using Chanel Perfect Colour Face Self-Tanner SPF 8 in Bronze. I put this on my face and neck every three days, and it keeps my current color alive and healthy. The best part is that the lotion smells nice, not the self tan yuck that other products have. (And you all know what I mean when I say a lot of self tanners smell!) For my arms and legs, I use Aveeno Active Naturals Continuous Radiance Moisturizing Lotion in Medium Skin Tones. Not only does it enhance the tan I already have, but it keeps me moisturized all day, and it doesn’t smell either! I was asked not once, but twice in the last week if I went away some place warm for the weekend! These are self- tanners that deliver!

- Marissa
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