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I can change your life in under 2 minutes. Seriously! I’ve discovered two products that create miracles without you ever having to leave your own bathroom. Kate In A Jar, by Kate Somerville, will make your skin glow in under a minute. You put the mask on and take it off after 30 seconds. Hands down – that’s all you leave it on for. And don’t be like me thinking that if 30 seconds is good, then 2 minutes would be even better, because it won’t be! My skin was itchy all day when I left it on too long. Do it correctly and you will feel the mask tingling. When you wipe that green goop off in 30 seconds, your skin is glowing. GLOWING! I heard about, read about it, so of course, I needed to try it. I did the mask today at 6:30am, and got compliments at work this morning for my makeup. It’s not the makeup – I’m not even wearing foundation today – it’s Kate In A Jar.

The second product that will change your life is for your hair. This time of year, with the weather changing, my hair becomes dull and lifeless. Bring on the Bumble and bumble Bb. Shine Spray. My hair goes from dull to TV star shiny in 10 seconds or less. There is a slight smell to this shine spray (and you know how I have a thing for smells…) but I hold my nose because I’ve never had a product that worked so well and left my hair shiny for the whole day.

Two minutes to a new you, guaranteed!

- Marissa
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