Do you really need a $175 eye cream?

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I hate getting lured into the wrinkle-free promise of an expensive cream, and for a few seconds, I often do. I want what it says it will do, I want it to work, yet I know it’s a promise that only delivers an empty wallet.

Think of what you could buy with $175

Think of what you could buy with $175

My most recent weakness – Chanel Sublimage Eye Essential Regenerating Eye Cream, for a whopping $175 for a half ounce jar. I must be crazy! I have a responsibility to discover if it’s really worth that much, so I dutifully apply, morning and night, until the jar is empty.

I feel like there should be so much more to the story, but unfortunately I got just what I expected: I still have wrinkles. My eyes look the same as they did before I started using Sublimage Eye. I still have fine lines. I still have dark circles. I still don’t look 25 anymore. These are all areas the cream promises to address (maybe not the part about not looking 25 anymore).

Beauty doesn't have to cost a small fortune!

Not $175!

Do yourself a favor and save your money! A few weeks post-Chanel, I headed over to my local Walgreens drugstore and picked up at $25 tube of RoC Multi-Correxion Eye Treatment, to see if a drugstore brand could tackle the anti-aging job any better. While I think $25 is a little expensive for the drugstore, I already notice more improvement in my skin after just a few weeks using the RoC cream. Nothing dramatic – it’s still just a cream – but it imparts a nice soft glow and makes the rather wrinkly areas a little less noticeable. I look more rested (and trust me, I am not), and my skin looks brighter.

I also appreciate it that it works well with my other skincare (Care by Stella McCartney) and my foundation (Lancome Teint Idole Ultra) without clumping or pilling. It sinks right in with no greasiness or plastic-y residue. Finding this eye cream is a welcome reminder that RoC has some nice products that I may consider in the future.

- Heather

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  1. Denise

    Hey Heather! I totally agree that eye creams can get ridiculously overpriced. Plus, any over-the-counter eye cream is going to have the least common denominator of active ingredients so that the general public can’t harm themselves. As you know, I recently starting using the Skin Script skin care line, and I’ve been SO happy with the results. Skin Script makes two different eye serums, both of which are really active and effective. Skin Script’s Hydrating Serum contains hyaluronic acid which binds moisture to the skin to reduce the fine lines by plumping the skin. For those of us whose problems include dark circles and puffiness, then the peptides within the Peptide Eye Serum will alleviate dark circles and improve circulation around the eyes. It has a ph of 3.4 so it’s very effective. Just some more food for thought. I know that we all obsess about the signs of aging that unfortunately show up around the eye area way too early in our lives!

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