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April 16, 2001

This week we are bringing you a peek from Cosmetic Connection Testing Headquarters, product mecca and home to more lipstick and foundation shades than you can shake a stick at! I've found some excellent drugstore goodies lately that I hope will become your favorites as well as mine.

But first... In cosmetic news, Cover Girl is running an Outlast All-Day Lipcolor "Free to Be Beautiful" sweepstakes with the grand prize of a nonstop 8 hour New York City adventure. Rumor has it that many of the entrants in the giveaway will get a goodie from Cover Girl in the mail just for entering (like free makeup!). Enter here.

L'Oreal Air Wear Foundation
L'Oreal keeps changing their line-up of foundations, adding and discontinuing practically with the changing seasons. If they are trying to hone in on the best they have to offer, Air Wear is a step in the right direction. Take your desire for natural but worthwhile coverage and pair it with your need for long wearing, all-day makeup, and you've got this makeup. I tried both the liquid and the powder, and favor the liquid for its lightweight feel and "melding" with the skin; the powder doesn't "become one" with the skin quite as nicely, and I did suffer from some small breakouts from using it. I'm sticking with the liquid ($11.95) in ivory for my fair skin; it also comes in cream, beige, sand, shell, buff, tan, caramel and mocha. If you prefer a compact powder ($13.95), the range is a bit smaller: ivory, cream, beige, sand, tan and caramel. Both forms have broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection (SPF 14 for the liquid and SPF 17 for the powder) and are designed to work with all skin types.

Biore Blemish Double Agent ($6.99)
Although my skin skin has been remarkably clear through this pregnancy (unlike the last time), I still get the occasional small pimple that needs a bit of attention. Since my skin is sensitive and normal-to-dry, I look for treatments that are gentle and can be used with moisturizers, and still be effective. This has been no small task, until I found this clever new product from Biore. The salicylic acid-based gel forms a very thin breathable film over the blemish (much more effectively than their Blemish Bomb product) and creates a barrier between the pimple and medicine, and anything you layer on top, like moisturizer or makeup. Now I can keep my skin hydrated and still treat my breakouts. Even though Biore recommends this just for daytime use, I use it either day or night because it doesn't irritate my skin the way more aggressive treatments can.

You can purchase Biore Blemish Double Agent online at drugstore.com (on sale now for $5.99), but for more comprehensive information about the product, check out the Q&A on the Biore site, located at Biore.com. It has some great information about Biore's acne products and about acne in general.

Dove Daily Hydrating Cleansing Cloths, Sensitive Skin ($6.99 for 30 with vanity case, $5.99 for refill)
I recently finished my supply of Olay Daily Facial cloths and wanted more for a recent weekend trip, so I decided to try the Dove version instead (I can't resist anything new!). Just like Olay's, these dry cloths contain cleansers that are activated when you add water. The slightly textured cloth adds some exfoliation, and you can use the cloth to help you rinse off the foamy cleanser. I found the main benefit of Dove's product over Olay's is the cloth itself, which is softer and more loosely woven, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Both have gentle cleansers, so it's really up to you what level of exfoliation you want.

Dove Daily Hydrating Cleansing Cloths are available now in drug and mass merchandise stores (like Target or Walmart), or online at drugstore.com. As a matter of fact, right now, if you buy any two Dove products, you'll get a box of 30 cloths for free. Visit drugstore.com for details (click on "freebies with purchase" under sitewide promotions).

Aveeno Skin Replenishing Cleansing Lotion ($6.99 for 6.7oz)
Gentle skin care is always a top priority for me, so I was excited to see these new goodies from sensitive skin specialists Aveeno (the company with the oatmeal soap). Although I've used foaming cleansers that I've liked, I still keep coming back to the soothing comfort of a lotion, especially for nighttime use. This one is ideal because it's light, removes makeup easily, and rinses off clean with no residue. It is also fragrance-free, a big plus for sensitive skin. I love this cleanser!

Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Moisturizer ($12.99 for 1oz)
This retinol and soy protein lotion is my new favorite in the morning. A small pea-sized dab applied over my regular moisturizer (Orjene Aloe Vera Deep Skin Moisturizer Crème, $9 for 4oz at cosmeticmall.com) gives my skin a nice glow and has made my overall skin color a bit more uniform; any blotchy redness I had is almost gone, thanks to the retinol and vitamin C. This is gentler feeling on the skin than other retinol products I've tried, but that also means no discomfort, dryness or general irritation. Skin Brightening Daily Moisturizer comes in both an SPF 15 (7.5% Octyl Methoxycinnamate, 3% Avobenzone) and non-SPF version.

There is also a Skin Clarifying Cleanser with Soy Extract, labeled for all skin types, that has gentle cleansers and would be nice for someone who prefers something foaming. All of these Aveeno products are fairly new, so keep checking your local stores or shop online at drugstore.com.



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