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A day at the supermarket

I don't get excited about very much in terms of skin care anymore. Everything runs together to me - all that anti-aging, wrinkle removing, lifting, firming nonsense. Please. Maybe someday I'll care, but right now I just want products that work to perform basic, everyday functions. Clean and moisturize. Not too tough.

So on my weekly trips to New Seasons Market here in Portland, I always take a stroll down the skin care and essential oil aisle to see what's what. On a recent trip I spotted something new: Collective Wellbeing, a new brand from the folks who created Davies Gate. Everything is in mellow light green and yellow bottles and tubes, with something for face, body, and hair.

I've tried a bunch of the products, and the ones that stand out to me are:

Cleansing Gel: the first and only gel cleanser I've tried truly removes makeup without a lot of effort, and never, ever considered drying out my face. I have dry skin and gel cleansers usually don't work well for me, but this one is thick, stays in its gel form instead of foaming into a soapy slop, and it feels calming and comforting. I have already used up a whole tube and am on my second.

Enemy of Frizz: In addition to dry skin, I also have a tendency toward dry, frizzy and flyaway fine hair. Talk about a pain. Most styling products to take care of this problem either have way too much hold and make my hair stuck to my head like a helmet, or they are so gooey and greasy that if you make one small error in judgement you pretty much have to wash your hair all over again or find a snappy headband or ponytail holder to hide the disaster. I like Enemy of Frizz because it has some hold and control, but it doesn't make helmet head, and it's versatile so you can find success using it on damp hair and then blowdrying as well as using it as a finishing product for extra protection on those super frizz prone areas.

Night Balm: When my skin is acting dry or just stressed, I really like this super-rich shea butter and lavendar balm to whip it back into shape.

Honey Buff: For those times when I need a scrub, I like this one because it's gritty and a bit astringent, but it's not overkill for my dry skin because the honey has a soothing quality.

Collective Wellbeing has a website at collectivewellbeing.com. Along with the cool selection of products, you can also log in to the site as a customer and vote for which non-profits should get a portion of product proceeds.

Wash your face, save the world.

- Heather

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Posted April 20, 2005

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