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Marissa goes shopping for spring

I love spring and the new colors it provides, both in flowers and in cosmetics! And this year is no exception to the beautiful colors the different cosmetic companies are showing. Here's a random sampling of some of the goodies (and not so goodies) I picked up.

At my local drugstore, Max Factor was on sale, so I picked up a few of their new lipsticks, the long-last gel lipsticks. I love the 280, Chianti, a light wine just like your lip color. I wear this when I'm in my natural mode :) The two other colors I bought from the shimmer collection are 420 Rose Shimmer, and 460 Cocoa Shimmer. Sometimes it's hard to wear a light shimmer with a color like rose because it looks too phony, and this is my problem with Rose Shimmer. It's okay to look like you have lipstick on, but not to have the color break up on your lips because of all the shimmer. It just doesn't flatter anyone's lips when this happens. Cocoa is okay because it's more neutral and you can wear this color over other lipsticks.

However, if you like shimmer, Vincent Longo has a new Wet Pearl Lipstick that I really like and wear a lot. I bought the Pearl Berry and Sugar Mauve. Pearl Berry gives you a wet shimmery look without too much color, and the Sugar Mauve is a brighter pinky rose that looks great for the evening.

Rimmel has a new lipstick out, too, venturing into the "plump up your lips" rage. I bought the volume lipstick in 080 Screamer and 150 Hello. I did scream after I put 080 on my lips - very strong red/fuchsia color that stays put on your lips. Perhaps it would look better if I used a lip brush, but this shade didn't suit my coloring at all. Shade 150 is a nice safe neutral tan/pink that I wear on weekends. I didn't notice any plumper lips, but the color is nice and it wears pretty well. I reapply after two cups of coffee.

My buddy Christopher at Saks called me with some product he put aside from the various spring collections and I must say, he did a FABULOUS job! From YSL, I bought the Rouge Pure Shine Sheer SPF 15 Lipstick in 9, which is PURPLE! Yep, I said purple. I think I looked at him like he was crazy, but it has gold shimmer throughout and it is just the most beautiful color. I wear it to work and get compliments on the color, and then when I show people what it is, no one believes me at first. It's was really a lesson to me: don't judge a color by its color!

I also picked up their new lip gloss Touche Brilliance Sparkling Touch for Lips in 4. It's a sheer berry with shimmer that looks nice by itself and beautiful over any lipstick that needs a punch. One tip: don't click too much or a big goop will come out (my trigger finger got itchy and kept clicking!).

To match my new look, I also bought the Long Lasting Nail Lacquer in 2. It looks weird at first because it separates, but Christopher told me that is how it is made and once you shake, it turns into a beautiful color. I am wearing it as I type and it's a great bright shimmery pink that lasted more than a week with no touch-up at all!

Chanel's new spring collection is labeled Sheer, Shiny and Sexy. Hmmm... maybe I should have bought the whole collection! Anyway, I bought the Sheer Genius Le Crayon Gloss Sheer Lipcoloring Pencil in Mandarine and the matching Cristalle Gloss in Melon. I like peachy colors and these both look nice with or without a tan. Not too orangey and not too peachy - just right! I did notice that I have to sharpen the pencil much more than I normally do for lip pencils and I'm guessing it is because it's a gloss pencil and I'm putting it all over my lips, not just outlining them. I also bought the Ombre d'eau fluid iridescent eye shadow in River, a pearly light violet. You have to shake this up to mix the formula/color, and for me I just can't get it to go on right. It's supposed to deliver a veil of iridescent color to your lids, but it always looks like one of my kids was playing dress up with me. It looked beautiful on my hand when I tested it, but doesn't do a thing for my lids.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE... my very best find of that day was Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner for the Face and Decollete. I have never ever been a fan of Clarins self tanners because I always thought they smelled bad and I could always smell the self tanner even after it had dried. This Liquid Bronze Self Tanner doesn't have that smell, THANK YOU THANK YOU, and it delivers the most natural tan ever. I started applying the tanner every other day until I achieved the color I wanted and now I just reapply every three days. People ask if I've been out in the sun, or if we went away for school vacation week, and it's all due to this little self tanner! I find that I always feel better when I'm not pasty white, and this just gives me a great self confidence boost!

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Posted May 1, 2005

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