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Seven days of Lily Lambert: Day 1

This week I am on a scent adventure with a new line of perfume from Lily Lambert. I got some lovely samples from my friend Lisa over at b-glowing.com (the exclusive online location for this line) and decided to start with No. 44.

For me, so much about choosing a scent is based on my mood at that moment. I smelled each of Lily's seven perfumes and selected No. 44 today because it smells sweet and summery, like a fresh, ripe strawberry, and I hope that it will mask the dreariness of another rainy Oregon day. There are also blackberry and sage notes, and ever so slightly the hint of musk. The strawberry stands out the most to me, with the sage and musk making it sultry and lush rather than light or crisp. I would absolutely choose this scent again.

Read again tomorrow when I choose another scent from the seven-scent collection...
- Heather

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Posted March 29, 2006

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