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A walk down memory lane with Aveda

Recently, I went to the Aveda store to buy a new lipstick and went overboard, buying travel sizes of the Botanical Kinetics moisturizer, exfoliant and toner. I totally impulse-bought these items because of their smell and the memory they evoked. When I first moved up north, I went to a salon that sold the Aveda products and it was pretty much the first time that I used "real" skincare products. I remember getting a facial and buying the products, going home and displaying them on my bathroom countertop. The green glass bottles just brought back a memory that I wanted to recreate: those good old days when I was happy to use the same product, day after day, week after week. Now, I guess I'm jaded and always feel like there is a newer, better, quicker-to-work product just waiting for me to try. I've been using my Aveda daily and you know what, I like it! I like that lavender herby smell. The Aveda products are basic, they get the job done and remind me of the carefree good ol' days! For an Aveda store or salon near you, log onto aveda.com.
- Marissa

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Posted April 24, 2006

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