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Marissa finds a kindred spirit at Urban Decay

"Product Whore." Is that not the best name? It certainly fits me to a tee. But I can't take the credit for it - it's on the business card of Tammy from Urban Decay! Not only am I really enjoying their products but every time I put on their 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil or their Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup, I have to smile because I think of Tammy's card.

If you think Urban Decay is for the younger generation, let me tell you that I'm at the very tail end of the baby boomers (really tail end, okay) and I love their stuff. The 24/7 eye pencils go on so smooth, they don't crinkle up when you're lining your top eye lid, and the color stays on for a very long time. Plus, the colors are great. If you are in your 40's, don't be afraid of color - remember that 40 is the new 30, and at 30 we were wearing color. Electric is a loud turquoise blue that when smudged looks so good and just makes your eyes pop. Plus, it's one of the "in" colors this season. Lust is a bright purple that looks good with brown and taupe eye shadows.

The Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup is a must for anyone who loves this type of makeup but can't stand the swirl, swirl, tap, tap project it takes to put mineral makeup on. (Or maybe it's tap, tap, swirl, swirl and that's why it never looks right on me...) Anyway, this comes in a jar with a built-in sponge on top and all you do is glide this over your face. The initial deposit is minimal, so you might need to build if you are looking for heavier coverage. Or, you can take the lid off and use it as a loose powder. I really like the glow I get from this makeup. Surreal Skin comes in a liquid form too. The coverage is light, but you can layer. The bottle for the liquid makeup is a genie's bottle, with the top screwing up so the liquid can pour out. It's really cute and I like the fact that I'm not digging my fingers into the bottle.

If you think you're too old for Urban Decay, think again. If this product whore can wear them, you can, too! Go ahead, have some fun! :)

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Posted April 4, 2006

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