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Marissa's dirty little secret

Normally, during Lent, I give up chocolate and buying cosmetics. My husband always says I'll be rich and thin! However, this year has been wicked stressful and I'm sorry to say I fell off the wagon. Actually, I fell off even before I got on - the week before Lent began I started buying what I thought I would need over the next few weeks. I bought more than I needed, felt guilty, and ended up returning some of it. But the day I returned it happened to be Ash Wednesday, the "give it up day"! So, in my mind, I figured if I was returning or exchanging product, that's not really the same as buying, since I already spent the money right, right? And did I tell you that I went to Merle Norman the night before Ash Wednesday to pick up a few spring items? There I was driving to get to the store before they closed at 7. They were having a GWP and I thought I would miss it if I didn't pick up my product before the end of Lent. In my cosmetic gorge I did pick up some great new products. The new double-sided lip glosses from Merle Norman are pretty nice as is their new spring palette. I found the perfect shade of foundation there, and I do mean perfect, but the vitamin C in it made my skin itch. I bought it in a different formulation, and you can't tell I have it on, it matches so beautifully. They really do have a best selection of foundation shades.

So, now Barneys opens in all its glory and I'm into Lent... what's a girl to do? I shopped, of course. My favorite perfume, L'Artistan in Mimosa is so springy, I spray it everywhere. And since I can't buy it at Saks, I had to buy it at Barneys. The cosmetics line By Terry has never been in the Boston area, so I had to see it for myself, up close and personal! Great stuff, love the lipsticks, the color selection and the rose smell. The only problem is the lippy lid doesn’t stay on - big no no for me, as it got all over my purse. But since it's a great color, I will forgive. They do have the prettiest lip gloss in #1, which is a shimmery pale, pale, rose. It looks so elegant on your naked lips or over top of lipstick. Oh, and did I mention that Shu Uemura has a counter there too? All the great write-ups you read about Shu Uemura are true. First, they're not as expensive as other brands (right in the MAC range), the lipsticks are beautiful, and the blushes are so soft and shimmery. Love the line. If you get a chance, try to see their product in person. The websites do not do the color selection justice. I also bought their lash extension mascara and their khaki eye pencil which I wear every day.

Finally (well, not really but now I'm embarrassed that I bought all this stuff), I was talking to my sister and she told me that her Mary Kay rep was over and gave her some new colors to try and she loved them. That was all I needed to hear, because if my sister loves something, I usually love it too! So, I called my friend Diane and she ordered me a few products. The most fun product is their spring palette: three eye shadows, two lippys and a cream blush. Great colors and they stay forever. I did order the 3-1 cleanser, but both times I used it my face broke out, so I think I'll stick with my Kanebo. And if you like lip glosses, check out the Mary Kay glosses. For $13, the color selection is good, the gloss isn't goopy and the shine/shimmer is just enough to be able to wear in the day and not look garish.

So now that you know my dirty little secret, don't judge me too harshly. I still haven't had a piece of chocolate since Ash Wednesday!

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Posted April 1, 2006

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