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April 28, 2000

The positive comments you've sent me about how much you like the new reviews from our Product Panel have been inspiring! This week I am pleased to feature Judith and her recent experience with Bourjois cosmetics.

Judith, 52, lives in Washington, DC, where she works part time in the advertising department of a major newspaper. A natural blonde until she reached her 40's, Judith's dark blonde hair is cropped short and highlighted. She has brown eyes and sensitive/normal to dry fair skin with yellow undertones. Her makeup color is usually the second lightest shade in the color range. Makeup concerns vary from season to season in Washington, as the weather goes from one extreme to the other. Judith prefers a liquid foundation with sheer to medium coverage and never leaves home without foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick. Her main skin concerns are fine lines, uneven skin tone and age spots and she insists on a skincare routine which is simple and fast.

Take it away, Judith!

Bourjois is a popular lower-priced French line of cosmetics, available at Sephora, that won't break the bank. (Supposedly, it is made in the same factories as Chanel cosmetics.)

Micro Emulsion Foundation Teint Secret Airless ($18) in #12 Clair Eclat is a gel-cream type foundation which comes in an aerosol dispenser. It glides on and covers nicely without being too masky Those of you who are used to products with no fragrances may be put off by the perfumey-fragrance, but I found it refreshing and a throwback to time when all cosmetics had their own fragrance. This foundation contains several ingredients which fall the Comedogenicity and Irritancy List, so while I like it, I cannot recommend it for regular use.

Translucent Colored Gel Les Voiles ($14) in Voile de Nacre is touted as a new makeup step for women who don't wear foundation. In the tube it looks like tinted moisturizer. Applied to the skin, this gel it tingles a bit, (probably because it contains alcohol), but looks like nothing... except if you like your face to look shiny! (I felt like I was modeling the Emporer's New Clothes while wearing this.. It did nothing!) In addition to the fact that there are several questionable ingredients in this product, I can't recommend this product. Instead, I would recommend Estee Lauder's Spotlight to give yourself a natural glow! It beats this product hands down!

Pastel Blusher - Pastel Joues ($13) in Rose de Jaspe #95 is a nifty powder blusher which is packaged in a small company with a great curved brush. This is the product I like the best from this range. The range of blush colors is very wide and the powder is very natural.

Éclat de Rire Lipstick ($11) in Sangria C'est Extra #47 is a frosted orange semi-sheer lipstick which is quite natural looking, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Bourjois packages all of their products in containers which match the actual shade, which is great if you are looking at a display in the store. Online, it's really hard to tell the subtle color differences. The in-store display seemed geared toward teenagers and younger users. (They also have a range of body art stencils, pencils & fake tattoos!) While visually it is a fun line to try, because of questionable ingredients and perfume in all products, I can't recommend it.

Bourjois is available online at Sephora.com.

Prescriptives Unmakeup Invisible Finish Foundation ($25) fills a nice niche for those who don't like to wear heavy makeup, but still want enough coverage to even out their complexions.

I really thought that this would be another tinted moisturizer, but it is really different. While oil-free, it is more moisturizing than most oil-free foundations, but not oily in the least. It really does seem to glide on and meld with your skin. I've tried it with and without moisturizer and think that it works best for normal-dry skin with only a minimum amount of moisturizer underneath, if any at all. (Oily skins should not need any moisturizer with this.)

I wear Sheer Vellum (#2) in the Yellow/Orange Family, which is the same shade I wear in all Prescriptives foundations.

Unmakeup's finish is very soft, smooth and natural, with enough coverage to "cover" without looking made-up. I've been wearing this with the Ramy Hint of a Tint! Miracle Blush and am very pleased with the results, as it lasts all day without needing any kind of touchup.

With SPF 15 and minimum oil, I think this will be a great warm-weather foundation and I have moved it to the front of my foundation lineup for Spring and Summer.



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