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November 5, 2001

Whenever we feature one of our Panelists in a special edition of The Cosmetic Report, the feedback is clear - you like it! Since I am in the middle of testing some exciting new brown sugar bath goodies from Skin Market, some Shu Uemura skin care, and cosmetics from Linda Cantello, I think I have time to share the spotlight!

This week we're hearing from Lisa. Learn more about Lisa here. She just might have the same coloring, skin type, or favorite beauty product as you!

Greetings fellow cosmetic lovers! Well heck, it's hard to believe that autumn is winding up already, and that the bluster of winter is riding its heels. It is hard to believe how quickly this year has flown by! I guess the combination of wedding plans and surgery will do that to a gal!

I've been a really busy little cosmetic consumer lately, so I want to jump right into to the reviews. Hang on sister (or brother, since we're Equal Opportunity here at CC :) ­ off we go!

Cowgirl Lipcreams and Eye Shadows from Benefit Cosmetics ($18 each)
I had been chomping at the bit to try this collection of neutral colors from Benefit, and I certainly was not disappointed their offerings! The Cowgirl Collection is a dream come true for anyone who likes makeup with a decidedly "beige" backbone. These colors are extremely wearable and pretty for just about anyone, but if you are a redhead with green eyes, run, don't walk, to scoop up these goodies.

The shadows come in three colors; "Buckle Bunny" (shimmer mauve-beige), "Lone Star," (shimmer "latte" color) and "Fancy Roper" (deep shimmering bronze). While I adore them all, Buckle Bunny is my favorite of the lot because it is incredibly versatile. Fancy Roper is also especially great to use as a liner, or to make a warm, smoky eye (just seal it with a little bit of Benefit's She-Laq for monumental staying power!).

What really awed me, though, was the texture of these shadows. While Benefit has always been high quality, these shadows cross into the realm of exquisite. They are miraculously fine-textured, and have super staying power. If you are as snotty about shadow quality as I am, you really should give these babies a go-around; I was quite impressed with them.

Equally wonderful were the Lipcreams, which fall somewhere in between lipstick and gloss. They have a nice shine, are lightweight and non-sticky, and have excellent pigment. All three colors are pretty, but "Don't Fence Me In," a shimmering, golden ginger-red, is absolutely dead sexy, and my favorite pick. "Back in the Saddle," a pretty plum beige, is perfect for adding understated color and moisture, and "Happy Trails," a very light taupe, adds a layer of shimmer alone, or over your favorite lipstick.

Pineapple Face Polish from Benefit Cosmetics ($24)
With winter on the way, my skin has definitely slowed down the oil production, and become a touch more delicate. This facial scrub from Benefit is a perfect addition to my cool-weather routine. It exfoliates very gently, thanks to the jojoba beads, and pineapple/kiwi enzymes, and smells absolutely fantastic. The tube is also quite generous for the price at 5.5ozs. While I can't honestly say that I like it *more* than my beloved Ole Henriksen Apricot Facial Scrub, I do think it is a very nice product that performs well. Unless you are very sensitive to fragrance, don't hesitate to try this one.

As usual, Benefit is on the cutting edge of color and skincare trends, so don't hesitate to peruse their products. You can find Benefit products at BenefitCosmetics.com, Sephora.com, Sephora stores, and Benefit cosmetic counters at department stores near you.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder ($3-4, exclusively at Wal-Mart)
While packing for my last business trip, I somehow managed to forget my pressed powder. I knew that my 8:00am "fresh face" would quickly turn into a 12:00pm "grease slick" without it, so I headed to the Wal-Mart next to my hotel to pick up an inexpensive one for my purse. Since I have had such good luck with Rimmel in the past, and since the price point is perfect for a bride-to-be in saving mode, I chose their Stay Matte formula in Translucent.

I can't tell you how pleasantly surprised I was with this powder! Although the packaging is definitely no-frills (it doesn't even come with its own sponge) the powder itself was superior to many other (much more expensive) brands I've tried! Despite the fact it gave uniform light-medium coverage, it didn't look the least bit cakey, nor did it dry out my skin. It controlled my oil beautifully, (all day - with one application!) and didn't irritate my sometimes grumpy, sensitive complexion. If you are a cosmetic junkie who loves a bargain, (and really, who doesn't) you'll want to pick up this powder from Rimmel.

Lash Intensifique mascara by L'Oreal ($7) and High Dimension mascara by Revlon ($6)
For some reason, I cannot resist trying a new mascara, even though there are at least 3 formulas I love, and buy regularly. (my current favorites are Extra Super Lash by Rimmel, Triple Mascara by Covergirl, and L'oreal's reformulated Lash Out) On a recent trip to CVS Pharmacy, I picked up these new formulas from L'oreal and Revlon.

Lash Intensifique promises to build, lift, and separate your lashes to a new level. Well, I don't know about that, but this is a nice mascara, if you have a hankering to try a new one. This formula really isn't of the "natural look" ilk, but since I tend to like sexy, standout lashes, it is a perfect choice for me. It didn't clump or flake (although I needed to use a lash comb after application, with is per usual for me) and coated my lashes pretty uniformly. Not the best I've mascara I've used, but certainly an acceptable choice.

On the other hand, I was really enamoured with the Lash Dimensions mascara by Revlon. These mascaras are black, but also have a hint of color (in shades like plum, blue, and copper) to catch the light, and add some extra interest. I chose "Black Garnet," which has a hint of what I'd describe as a shimmering eggplant. The effect is very understated, and is just as appropriate for the office as for an evening out. This shade, in particular, is especially lovely for you other green-eyed gals.

Now, this mascara won't give you thick, sooty lashes, but with the added color, it would be major overkill, anyway. Lash Dimensions will, however, coat your lashes evenly, define and gently thicken, and resist clumps beautifully, while the hint of color adds some sparkle. Definitely worth purchasing as a specialty mascara!

And with that, I'll wind up this little ditty. Remember, the economy needs your help, so don't hesitate to buy a little goodie to keep things rolling. Beauty and patriotism; what a great combination!

- report by Lisa of the Cosmetic Connection Product Panel



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