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La Mer
report by Denise of the Cosmetic Connection Product Panel

The "recipe" for the La Mer product line was developed in 1965 by NASA aerospace physicist Max Huber. Mr. Huber developed this cream to help to heal his skin, which had been badly burned in a chemical fire. The La Mer formula is packed full of sea kelp, calcium, vitamins and minerals, and is infused with deionized water during a three to four month long biofermentation process that is the secret to its potency. These products have certainly developed a cult following over the years, and they are sold in very few department stores around the US. I was able to get my hands on three samples of these amazing products through the kindness of the folks at Bliss Spa. Estee Lauder bought the La Mer formula years ago, but each batch of the La Mer "broth" is, to this day, brewed, mixed and packaged meticulously and according to Max Huber's original specifications. You know the old saying, "good things come in small packages?" Well, after viewing the price tag attached to each of these small packages, I had to remind myself that I'd better not become too attached to them. The La Mer line is outrageously expensive, in my opinion, but who can put a price on true miracles?

Crème de la Mer
The centerpiece of the La Mer line is the original Crème de la Mer. This cream is extremely emollient, and I feel that it's a little bit heavy for my combination skin. I used it at night only, however, and did not experience any breakouts or skin problems. My skin was always hydrated and fresh in the morning, and, over the course of the three weeks that I used the La Mer line, I noted a visible improvement in my skin's texture and pigmentation. I don't foresee myself spending $165 for a 2-ounce jar of this cream, but I enjoyed using the sample. RULE OF THUMB: Don't ever turn your nose up at a La Mer sample!

Baume de la Mer (eye balm)
I truly enjoyed using my sample of the La Mer eye balm. In my limited eye cream experience, I feel that this cream is extraordinary. I used it morning and night, and the skin around my eyes feels completely different than it did three weeks ago. In fact, my eyelashes even feel fuller than they were before - is that possible? The La Mer eye balm contains a triple concentration of the original Miracle Broth found in Crème de la Mer, and it shows! The skin around my eye area is smooth, and much less puffy. Even my fine laugh lines are much less noticeable. However, I'm trying not to get attached to this product. I am hoping that I will be able to find another eye cream that is at least close to this effective for a smaller price tag than the $100 one attached to the Baume de la Mer. Oh - if my money tree in the back yard would just sprout a little faster!

Oil Absorbing Lotion
This is my favorite of the La Mer products that I tried. I haven't found any other moisturizer that made my face feel so soft and smooth, yet left me with a fresh, matte complexion! And when I say matte, I mean truly shine-free - it was amazing! I used the oil absorbing lotion as my daytime moisturizer and the Crème at night. Again, the smell of the La Mer products isn't too appealing to me, but I can definitely overlook the seaweedy smell considering the results of the products. I am seriously tempted to head down to my neighborhood Neiman Marcus and plunk down $140.00 for a full sized (who the heck calls 1.7 oz full-sized, anyway?) bottle of this wonder lotion.

review: 5/02



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