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A Look at Personal Picks from our Panelist, Pam

Although I'm constantly looking for that next IT product, I rarely find items that I consider staples. It's not that I don't sometimes long for the minimalist life. I would love to have a large group of favorite products that I could be loyal to for long periods of time, but for me it's hard to find the right colors/consistencies. However, over the years...and in some cases, over the last few weeks, I have found a few beauty items that I'm positive that I could not live without.....and here they are:


  1. The Body Shop - Colourings - Lip Liner #1 Shade: BEECH

    One of my few favorites that came from the 80's (but just barely... I discovered it in 1989). This is, by far, my desert island pick. Superior in color and texture, this true-soft-brown lipliner has never let me down. Looks good and rich with anything from Chapstick to a Chanel Lip Quad.

  2. Chanel The Berries Lip Intensities

    And speaking of Chanel lip quads...Discovering this lip quad turned my world upside down. I never knew the perfect shade of lipstick for me until I stumbled upon "THE BERRIES" (i.e. exactly the shade of a ripe cherry). Granted, with Chanel, there was a price ($$$) to be paid. But I got my money's worth when it came to the love connection of my lip's lifetime AND it took me a year to go through my first compact. At first, I was slightly unhappy with the extracurricular challenge of applying lipstick that wasn't in a tube. NOT quick and NOT easy. But by getting involved in this process, I discovered that, for me, lipstick applied with a brush has more staying power and makes for better over-all presentation. Just another fluke turned good!

  3. Bobbi Brown Essentials PETAL Lip Gloss

    First of all, I'm NOT a girl who looks good in pink. And second of all, I'm not a girl who looks good in gloss. Or so I thought, because when I stumbled across the BB Petal lip gloss, all absolutes came crashing down. This gloss totally rules! One of my classic looks has become the combination of my Body Shop #1 lipliner with this BB Petal gloss (but it also looks sensational on its own). Petal is a warm pink , almost bordering on Salmon in shade, it gives my medium sized lips great depth and natural glow. I have also been amazingly impressed with this glosses staying power. Pretty in pink at last (and glossy too)!

  4. NARS Lolita sheer lipstick

    NARS might possibly be my favorite line of cosmetics. Mostly because the packaging and product names are so incredibly appealing, but I must say that originality and quality run head to head. The first time I saw this lipstick I was blown away. Literally. It looked so bright and aggressive in the tube that I was taken aback. But how totally in love I was the minute I tried it on. So dangerous but in the most innocent of ways (hence Lolita!) this sheer orange with the slightest of red undertones is amazing. It's the one sheer lip product that I can wear without lipliner, it stands alone without needing a boost. AND it brightens my whole face.

  5. MAC #9 Lip Brush

    My God, it's genius! The best of the best! And quite different from the standard lip brush in that the brush part is very firm and allows the application to be as soft or as deep as wanted.


  1. FACE Stockholm JOY Eye Shadow

    It was a rainy day and I had slipped into Barney's to escape. Moments later I found myself at the FACE counter dying for just one perfect eyeshadow to make my eyes just a little bit greener, just a little bit more something. And then it happened, the woman behind the FACE counter slid the pot of JOY eyeshadow over to me and said: "THIS would look great on you...". History was made. Ode to JOY, a brown/plum/gray/heather/taupe/lavender miracle. Not only did this eyeshadow look great on me, it looked great on all of my friends as well (green eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes, black eyes, hazel eyes...all eyes). It is the perfect shadow.

  2. MAC Vanilla eyeshadow

    I'm very light/fair/pale and it was hard to find a white eyeshadow that even looked like something other than just my plain old lids. This shadow, though powder based, gives a somewhat creamy appearance. It's timeless, classy, hip, chic and versatile. I love it alone for that mod haunted look or with JOY in the crease for a more traditional look.

  3. Trish McEvoy Face Essential kit #7

    Trish McEvoy makes some fine, fine shadows. The #7 kit is a warm toned person's fantasy kit. My favorite shade in the kit is the “blush” section, a pale, slightly shimmery peach shade that looks fresh and wonderful all over the lid from lash line to brow. In addition, there is a pale, beige, brown which is a very unique and lovely color, a dark chocolate brown for crease coloring and a green/black shadow for lining the eyes. This kit gives a very clean polished look and it can travel anywhere.

  4. Trish McEvoy Eye Liner Brush #11 and Shadow Brush #10

    The TM #11 eye liner brush is THE brush for lining eyes with a dark shadow, or any eyeshadow for that matter, good quality and excellent precision. BUT as amazing as the #11 eyeliner brush is...I would have to say that my favorite TM brush, in fact my favorite brush on any level, is the #10 Shadow brush. It's a bigger, thicker, wider shadow brush which doubles as a blush brush, a blending brush and a powder brush!!!


  1. LORAC Oil-free foundation S1

    Not much that I love in the face category. No luck in finding good colors or texture for my sensitive, confused skin. I have found the most satisfaction, foundation wise, with the LORAC oil-free foundation though. The color is just right for me. Very warm and yellow based (but light enough) which really works for me...unlike most traditionally pink/beige based foundations. This foundation blends well and does not irritate my face. My only major complaint is that it's not totally ideal in the dead of winter when virtually all moisture has been zapped from my skin.

  2. Trish McEvoy Protective Shield Light

    It's the most amazing concealer out there. Highly blendable and works great as an eyeshadow base.

  3. Oil of Olay Age Defying Series Daily Renewal Cleanser and Daily Renewal Cream

    I was the one left out in the cold the day everyone started raving about Alpha Hydroxy. Just standing by an AHA product irritated my skin and left me red and broken out. While everyone else was watching their wrinkles disappear I was just trying to get a drop of moisture to appear on my skin, some way some how, without running into skin confusion or irritation . And then along came Oil of Olay's Beta Hydroxy products, the next big thing, and I must say I think I'm in love. I've been using the Oil of Olay products for over a month with very little (in the beginning) to no irritation and good results. I've been a fan of Oil of Olay for years and though it might be too early to really say these products will be a long term favorites, I think they're totally noteworthy. Although I loaded up on all of the age defying products, I thought the eye serum was too drying and the SPF lotion was irritating and drying as well. The cream and cleanser are both bonanzas though!


  1. NARS ZEN blush

    No favorite list of mine would be complete without the mentioning of a blush. I am obsessive about blushes. Totally love what a blush can do to brighten the face and erase fatigue! Yet, of course, it's very hard for me to find the ultimate blush-connection. I've come close though, with NARS ZEN. ZEN is a pale, warm, brown with peach undertones. A great blush for warming up the skin or even contouring when I'm in the mood. Looks good on the eyes too!



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