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An Updated Look at Personal Picks from our Panelist, Pam

In the past year, I have made some amazing discoveries. Even though the true finds have been few and far between, things are looking up for the sensitive skin girl and new and exciting products are emerging everyday that give hope and comfort. Although I'm hoping that there will be no desert islands in my near future, here are some of my must-haves.


Stila - HOLLY GOLIGHTLY and DIAMOND LIL - Eyeshadows
With names like that, how could I say no? But having Eyeshadows with cool names was just the beginning of the glory. Holly Golightly is genius. At first glance this shadow appears to be a blindingly metallic taupe/bronze. FEAR NOT, this is no garish frost. With just one application, I discovered an eyeshadow that was smooth, "popped" my green eyes and didn't leave even the hint of showgirl. Walk softly with the shadow brush for a simple taupe glow, add water and wow the world with a deep, beautiful lid or get an eyeliner brush and behold the saucy line. The same kudos are applicable to the beautiful Diamond Lil. Although of the same garish-in-the-tub genre, it transposes into the ultimate soft shimmer black/brown/blue/grey and when applied in the crease gives a rested glow.

Bobbi Brown WHITE Eyeshadow
Longing for a snow princess look? This shadow melts like gentle clouds onto the lids leaving a sheer, innocent hint of cotton. Worn alone it gives total polish or wear it as a shadow base and behold its genius.


Chantecaille Lipsticks
Every once in a while a line of cosmetics comes along that makes me wonder how I ever survived before. That's how I felt when I discovered Chantecaille Cosmetic's lipsticks. I had just gotten over a painful breakup with MAC's lipstick (pretty on the outside/dry on the inside), and found myself unable to really make a color/texture connection with anything else. Wandering aimlessly at Bergdorf's one day, a fateful salesperson beckoned me toward the new Chantecaille counter. Although I loved the lipstick packaging (smart silver tube - clever celestial-type lipstick names), I felt certain that nearly every shade of lipstick that I looked at was terribly dull. Alas, and thankfully, numbing reality was not enough to inhibit me from buying several tubes. Little did I know that I was about to embark upon the absolute bliss of a moist, gentle, long lasting lipstick. Here are some tempting shades:

Muscade - Hear me Roar! I Love, Love, LOVE this color. Although it looked like yesterday's stew in the tube, on the lips it was a fantasy brick/brown/red with depth and creamy moisture guaranteed to be a nub in no time.
Mercury - It's called a Lip Sheer Transparent. The texture is kind of like a sheer matte with depth, but not at all drying and the color is electrifying. Okay, this one looked good in the tube, very Sparkling Ruby (not frost, but sparkle) and an incredible show stopper. Looks good alone, with a dab of gloss on top or combined with other lipsticks.
Vega - Sheer, nutmeg, brown
Cardamom - Enchanting redwood
Flax - Pale, gentle salmon with a pinch of brown (looks good enough to kiss when combined with Bobbie Brown's white lipgloss).

This discovery is only weeks old but I'm feeling confident that this is a find. Aveda cosmetics has taken on a new look for the millennium - they "renamed, renewed and redesigned to minimize packaging and environmental impact" - which in this case means a sleek, new, lightweight, chic pewter/silver tube and an amazing, light, moist, texture to the already tried and true lipsticks. I stopped by the Aveda salon for a trim and got a lipstick touchup as I was leaving. The makeup artist picked SPESSARTINE lip satin for me, a choice I would not have found myself drawn to without this kind of assistance. The result was an unexpectedly refreshing coral/salmon/red that has left me giddy.

It's clear, it's sticky, it's magic. MAC lipglass is the icing on many a lipstick day. Dab a few drops on top of any lipstick and the rave reviews will soar to new heights.

The only word for Kiehl's baby lip balm is LUSTROUS. Although the original and heavily touted Kiehl's lip balm is also fabulous, I prefer the baby balm for its clear, sparkling quality.


Vincent Longo WATER CANVAS Crème to Powder foundation
I had heard a lot of raves about the utter perfection of this ultra-expensive foundation before I sauntered over to Barney's to check it out. With the collection of failed foundations that I had lying in my makeup drawer, I knew this would have to be something really special to hold my attention. What can I say but that it not only held my attention, but it has captivated me ever since. This foundation is cool (as in temperature) and glides like heaven onto the skin, and, most importantly, it does not irritate. It gives the skin a great balance. Dryer patches feel moist enough and oily areas don't need powder. This is NOT a complete coverage makeup but it does such a nice job of evening out skin tone that the age-old question of "Does she or Doesn't she" (wear foundation that is) definitely comes to mind. It is pricey considering how long one container lasts (a maximum of around 2 months if used sparingly) and all is lost if the container is not kept tightly sealed (it evaporates!) but I've looked for a foundation that compares and have not found one that combines all of LONGO's magnificent qualities. Although AWAKE and PRESCRIPTIVES both had runners up with great color selections and lower prices, both brands left my skin irritated before the day was over.

Shu Uemura NOBARA Cream Foundation
Ever had a zit and needed something extra special and full of tender loving care to use as a coverup? FOUND! Shu Uemera's Nobara foundation is so like butter that even a nasty zit fades into an oblivion of comfort and joy. Yes, Nobara is a foundation but I find that it is a bit too much for an all-over-the-face application and more then just right for disappearing into the rough spots of a bad skin day. This magical blend utterly melts into the skin.

Yves Saint Laurent RADIANT TOUCH
Okay, so I was annoyed when the YSL saleswoman at Bloomingdale's wouldn't leave me alone when it came to Radiant Touch. I had gone to the counter with a targeted purchase in mind. I was already sold on the beautiful rouge pur transparent #6 chocolate brown lipstick. Wasn't that enough? And it did seem kind of offensive to hear those eleven little words that I didn't want to hear after sleeping late on a Saturday: "Just a dab will make you look so much more rested". It pains me to say that I left the counter that day in a rude huff - "I JUST WANT the LIPSTICK", I had said, and was gone. Later though I found myself back again and this time a different saleswoman was lauding Radiant Touch and I caved enough to let her apply a dab to my undereye area. The rest was history because WOW! not only did I look rested ,I looked amazing! A brief history: I don't normally use concealer under my eyes or in that pesky dark spot in the inner corner of the eye - and not because I don't need it to chase away the darkness, but because I hate the heavy, cakey quality of concealers applied to that area of the face. ENTER RADIANT TOUCH! It's not a concealer. The texture is very sheer and it disappears into the skin just like an amazing pick-me-up. No cakiness, nothing heavy, it is not a coverup but an enhancer. It comes in one color which is even perfect for pale, pale me. It's magic!

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