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Patty is a 24-year-old college counselor living in the San Francisco Bay area. She has an extremely fair, cool complexion (as pale as you can picture and then some), oily to combination skin (depending on the season), strawberry-blonde curly hair, and green eyes.

Hello everyone! Heather recently asked the Panel to write about our daily skincare routines. I thought this would be simple until I realized that my skincare products change almost weekly. So, for the past two weeks I have used some of my all-time favorite products morning and evening. The idea was to see if I could create a "routine" that works for me. Here is what I found:

Step one: Cleanse
I have always loved DHC's mild soap. No matter how many cleansers I try, "mild soap" is one I always find myself returning to and using when my skin becomes irritated. Therefore, I choose this as my regular daily cleanser. It turned out to be perfect for my combination winter skin. If you have never tried this soap, I highly recommend you do. No matter what your skin-type, mild soap is gentle, yet thoroughly removes all makeup and grime in one wash. In fact, it's so good you won't even need a toner. USA residents can try a free sample of this soap by calling 1.800.342.2273 or visiting dhccare.com.

Step two: Tone
I am going to gush here: There has never been a better toner than Better Botanicals Juniper Toner. This toner is one I use even when I don't feel like I need a toner. It's just that good! My skin literally tingles with freshness every time I use it. Those who think toners are unnecessary might change their minds after trying Juniper Toner. Made for normal-oily skin, its ingredients have an anti-bacterial effect that helps clear up problem skin (like mine). Juniper Toner also has anti-oxidant vitamin C as one of its main ingredients. What more can I ask for? The only gripe I have about this toner is the price/bottle size. I can only find juniper toner in a 15 dollar 3.4 ounce bottle. If anyone finds this toner in a bigger/more economic size please do let me know.

Step three: Moisturize
I have been using two different moisturizers, one for day and another for night. During the day, I love Elizabeth Arden Modern SkinCare Daily Moisturize SPF 15. It's light, fast absorbing, and makes a perfect base for makeup. I also love the fact that it protects my face without being greasy.

At night, I use Neutrogena's Pore Refining Cream. It moisturizes and exfoliates with AHA and Retinol. This moisturizer keeps my skin clear of blemishes without drying it. I recommend Pore Refining Cream to anyone who is not sensitive to AHA. If you are not sure, you might want to try this product out on one small area to see how your skin reacts, before using it all over your face. I myself only use it every other night just to make sure that I am not over-stripping my skin.

All of these products put together have worked really well for me this winter. I have had fewer breakouts and none of my usual dryness/flakiness. Let me know if you have any questions. And, as always, happy shopping!



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