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Smashbox Holiday 2001 Colors
report by Holly of the Cosmetic Connection Product Panel

I recently tried out Smashbox's Holiday 2001 color palette. The theme for this color group is Hollywood on Fire! and they've certainly been a hit with me!

Lipstick ($16)
The two featured colors in this holiday collection are Spark and Flame. Spark is essentially a clear stick with a TON of silver glitter in it. Used alone, I thought it made my lips look like I'd just eaten a powdered doughnut rather messily. Applied on top of other colors though, it's a lot of fun. Spark is a great way to jazz up your favorite lip color for the holidays. The only real drawback is that I can feel the glitter on my lips - it kind of feels like I've got sand stuck in my lipgloss. Flame is an oh-so-glam shade of red. It is a fairly moisturizing lipstick that leaves a nice stain on the lips that lasts all day. My favorite of the colors in this group is one called Burn. It's a dramatic red with just a hint of gold shimmer in it. This will be the "new classic" of my lipstick case. It also fades to a subtle stain over the course of the day, so my lips never look bare. Smashbox lipsticks contain Vitamin E to help nourish parched lips. They are available in a nice array of 35 shades (in addition to the new holiday colors).

Lip Gloss ($16)
Smashbox Lip Gloss comes in a 1.6-ounce tube with a wand applicator. Star is one featured holiday color. It is basically the lip-gloss version of Spark - a clear gloss with some silver glitter going on in it. Unlike Spark, this one does not feel like gravel on the lips. However, applying it just once over my favorite lipstick resulted in tainting the wand and entire tube with the color of my lipstick. Bummer! The other new holiday shade is Fire, a nice plum-y red. All these lip-glosses are thick and a little on the goopy side, but have a dazzlingly shiny finish. They need to be re-applied a couple of times to keep the color and shine going through the day, but are very hydrating. Smashbox lip glosses come in 12 shades ranging from Crystal, which is clear, to Finale - a deep, dramatic red.

Blush ($24)
This compact powder blush comes packaged in a small round tub with a screw-on lid. The new holiday shade here is called Shock. It is a bright, orange-y red. This blush is very intensely pigmented, so go lightly or your cheeks may be in for more of a shock than you anticipated! This shade is a bit bright for my fair wintertime complexion, but I'll keep it around for use with next year's tan. Smashbox blush comes in 7 other (much more subtle) shades. The powder formula goes on smoothly and blends fairly easily. The color holds up well all day.

Skin Tints ($28)
These color sticks are my favorite of the Smashbox line. They are stain sticks for adding color to your cheeks, lips, eyes…wherever you want a little extra glow. They come packaged in what looks like an oversized lipstick tube. I'll admit that on first sight, I was a little bit afraid of these sticks. They come in four colors: Heat (a peach-y orange), Lit (a taupe-y brown), Ultraviolet (a violet shade - what else?), and Infrared (you guessed it - red). All four look very dark and foreboding in the tube. However, when applied, they are surprisingly subtle and translucent, adding just a hint of color wherever they go. I like them best as blush sticks - the color is soft and very easy to blend. I have used Lit and Heat as eye shadow base also and the effect is a nice one. The color is too sheer to be of much use on the lips, unless you want just the slightest suggestion of color. These sticks are water-based and feel rather cool when applied. They are meant to be soothing, so each stick contains vitamins A, C, and E; aloe and echinacea. The color doesn't quite last throughout the workday, but they are terrific for evenings out!

Fingerpaints ($24, set of 6)
Smashbox has packaged six bold, shimmery nail colors together for the holidays. In keeping with their Hollywood theme, they have named each after a star of the silver screen. We have Marilyn (a dark, sexy red), Grace (a middle-of-the-road violet), Sophia (a very dark crimson), Ginger (metallic gold), Greta (mossy green), and Bette (dark purple). All six shades are shimmery and very dramatic! Don't expect a long-lasting manicure or pedicure with these beauties. They tend to chip within a day (in some cases, within an hour!) but they carry all the drama that this Hollywood collection intended. I have shimmery green toenails as I write this and I love 'em!

Smashbox Cosmetics are available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Sephora and at Smashbox.com.

review: 11/01



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